It's morning!

 When every tree brings forth new leaves,.depict a new life.

everyday of life is a new phase of life, Don't judge yourself by your fault but by your merit, look out for your advantages and work towards it. eradicate every fault you think is gonna be an obstacle to your progress in life e.g addiction to smoking, masturbation, homos3xuality, procrastination etc these are attributes that hinders breakthrough.
 its because once you have one of these it take a higher percentage of your life both physically and mentally. 

Be real to yourself at all times, never in anyway try to claim what you're not, press further be what you desire to be, always call a spade what it is. 
live an healthy lifestyle by digesting books, good music, appear radiant at all time. 

share your ideas with people don't be selfish, work with people so you can generate more ideas, it is obvious that those that doesn't lean on their own knowledge prosper most in life. the Bill gate, Aliko Dangote etc all work with a team.

Be optimistic about life never procrastinate, work towards your set goals as fast as possible, and lastly, never relent , greatness is not meant for the weary but for the viable one, work for the best and ignore a mediocrity.

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