Good morning friend,
I know you have a dream, not just a dream a big one, but it seems something has been hindering you from unleashing, it. Never mind the problem is not far fetched, it's you! I know you are about to ask why? The reason is just because you've decide to be selfish about it, because the dream is big, you also want to start it big,
Remember, that before you could walk you would had gone through the process of limping and crawling, you didn't started walking immediately.
Dreams are same as that they need some processes to develop, to form, limp and start walking, for example, for a building to stand it would have a sketch, foundation, pillars etc so therefore have you sketched your dream, have you begin the foundation process, which team have you gathered to help you in building it or do you want to build it alone? Get this!,  that behind every Big man there are men.
Share ideas with team and you gonna grow.  United we stand divided we fall.

Thanks for taking your time to read this.
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