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Good Morning love, this is my word for you today.

Get hold of something today, don't just leave without knowledge of one thing, study to show yourself approve, funny enough it might look stupid to you now but in the long-run it is definitely going to pay.

Acquire knowledge and be specific, with what to learn so you can succeed and be a master at it, with knowledge you can transform ideas into products, processes and services, Knowledge makes use of intellectual capacity and not manual skills to earn a living.

Money is not an excuse to not learning, the world today has over 1000ways of knowledge acquisition, it's all at our fingertips, for those who are ready to get it. YouTube, Wikipedia, wikihow these are platforms for learning. If you can't buy a book you should be able to surf the net. 

Lastly the source and master of all the knowledge "the word of God" Joshua 1:8
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