Arrow star Stephen Amell pleads, declared social media break after Ahmed Mohammed's comment.

Stephen Amell the ARROW crooner is taking a break from social media after giving his opinion on the Texas teenager Ahmed Mohammed.

The movie star appeared in a facebook video on wednesday night where he apologised for his remark made earlier in the day.

he said he didnt mean to offend anyone, he wasnt trying to equate things that are extremely different. he explained that all he was trying to say is that two wrongs can't make a right. "i think i did offend people" says him

he said that  the best thing to do in this scenario is to go away for a little bit so be well.
the argument errupted on wednesday when Stephen decided to come in on the #istandwithAhmedMovement. the news explode when 14year old Ahmed's English teacher mistook his home made clock for a bomb.

"stereotyping Texas isn't better than stereotyping Ahmed" Amell tweeted before before facing some lash from some of his followers "just so we're clear"

Not upto an hour Amells followers begin to question his tweet. this compelled him to reply them with serious of messages

essentially he made his points clear before going of on social media.

he concluded that he will go on a break for sometimes on SA.

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