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With less than Few hours to the D
Day, The People of Ibadan can now
decided who they want to Vote in
to govern them for the Next four
NOTE:- Oyo State has never elected
anyone Twice to govern them ever
since Democracy steps in.
Ladoja:- This Man is a one time
governor of Oyo State and now he
is running under Accord Party
(AP), Do you think the good people
of Oyo will Vote him in?
Ajimobi:- The Current Governor of
Oyo state under APC, Do you think
this Man has serve the good people
of Oyo so well that History will be
made for him as the First Person to
Retain seat for the First time?
Akala:- This was the PDP Flag
bearer who stood up for Ajimobi,
Now he’s back under the Labour
Party, Do you think he will be
Voted in tomorrow?
Makinde:- A New Face in the
Governorship race, Do you think
the People of Oyo will cast their
Vote in Favour of Makinde?
Drop your Comment!!!
Who do you think will be the
Governor of Oyo State for the next 4

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