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Almost every lady has a corresponding maga because an average Nigerian guy is a potential maga No matter how smart you are , you may still come across those money-grubbing girls that would go to any length to drain every last kobo in your pocket.We do not have all day, let's get to business Now grab yourself a cold drink and pop-corn, relax and get ready meticulously

10 Things Guys Do That Make Ladies Turn Them Into ATM Machine. Some call this guys maga or bolo. Lol

1. Being desperate for Sexual Affairs:

 When you show too much desperation for s3x gratification, you are on a path to maga zone, a zone which makes girls see you as their source of finance.

Many ladies use intercourse as a leverage to cash in on unsuspected guys, force you to make solemn promises especially when you exhibit too much desperation. I could recall when a friend living next to my apartment invited a lady all the way from Benin to Lagos. The next morning he told me he had to prostrate and started making solemn promises before the lady gave in, and I was like, what height of desperation is that? If you're a guy like that please stop.

2. Refusing To Back Off Some dudes are hell bent even when a lady outrightly tells then she's not interested. 

In this scenario, there are two things involved: firstly, some guys think that when a lady refuse them, they can use money and gift to get the lady into liking them. By so doing, the lady will see that as an opportunity to bleed the guy in question dry.Secondly, having told you on many occasions that she feels nothing for you and you are adamant to back off. Since her stalker is making last-ditch attempts to get her, she will resort to put and fleece you in the maga zone.

3. Sending Recharge card Quickly 

This has become everyday disposition of average Nigerian girls to request recharge card from guys. A good number of them use various excuses (such as I'm broke and I need to call a nephew of my uncle's sister cousin brother of my father's uncle, I'm sick and I need recharge card, as if it were drugs etc) to get guys to send them recharge card. Don't get it twisted, there's actually nothing wrong sending recharge card to a lady in need, but some ladies take advantage of that to make you look like obregede/mumu .

You got to meet a lady not long and you are already sending her recharge card the first week just because you want to get the key to her heart, my brother, you are most likely toget into the maga list. Because what you're actually telling her is that you are rich therefore giving her the room to ask for more.

4. Being Over Caring Being caring

This is very good but one should do it with caution or else, you might be taken for granted. I have onceoverheard a lady called a dude on the phone, pretended she was ill and requested for money. Immediately she dropped the call, her friends said they doubt if the guy would send the money.I was so shocked when she said " Dem no born am well make e no send am" waaaaaaaaaat ? !!! Is it a crime to be overly caring to ladies ?

5. Always Saying Yes, Notice Me Attitude Many guys become a "YES" person because they want to impress lady. The truth is, every lady seeks financial security but no lady wants to marry a fool. Some dudes would always want to do things so that a lady would not see them as broke dudes, I'm sorry if you are the 'I-WANT-TO-IMPRESS' type, then your chances of being magad is very high

6. Forcing Yourself On Her
The best thing that can ever happen to you is when a lady has been fantacizing about you, but when a lady does not feel you at all and you are making last-ditch effort to get her. You are most likely to end up in the maga zone

7. Doing What You Are Not Capable Of The best way to know if a lady likes younaturally is when you try to appear broke. Some would however drift away soon as they know the wealth of your pocket while some would wait; if you are flaunting your gadget(s) and doing what you are not capable of, then she'smost likely to turn you into a maga.

8. Being Shy To Say NO Personally,
I'm never ashamed to say I don't have so I don't know why some guys are so ashamed to tell a lady they don't have. I have seen a case when a dude took a lady to an eatery and after spending all he had, he gave her money for cab and trekked home (milesaway). I guess he was ashamed to tell the lady he wasn't with enough cash

9. Boasting About Your Finances Money itself makes noise so I see no reason why you should boast about your family, or bank account. When you are caught doing this, then it's just one of the things we are talking about

10 Overhyping Her 

When you overhype a lady, she sees herself like the queen of England and expects you to start running helter skelter when she demands from you.
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