Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has said that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was Nigerians’ worst nightmare in the last 16 years of democracy. He added that it would be the crucial mistake if Nigerians re-elect the ruling party in the forthcoming general elections.
According to Premium Times, Buhari made the statement while addressing supporters and party members at the North Central zonal rally held on Saturday in Lafia, the Nasarawa state capital.
The APC candidate said that Nigeria was characterized by corruption and ethnic sentiments in the last 16 years of the PDP administration.
“PDP has destroyed Nigeria. They have made it a tradition to create poverty and crisis in the country,” he said.
According to the APC candidate, there was no reason why Nigeria should import petrol from the International market while its refineries are deliberately destroyed and kept idle.
“Before, we use to have airline companies, shipping companies, railways, and four refineries namely Port Harcourt, Warri, Kaduna and Lagos where our petroleum products were refined for domestic use and 22 depots but PDP has destroyed them and the country now has to import fuel.
“Don’t make a mistake and vote PDP again because they have made it a tradition to destroy the country’s potential and image for selfish reasons,” he said.
Buhari not only called on the electorate to vote for the APC in all elections but urged voters to ensure they wait behind and protect their votes after casting their ballot.
Nasarawa State Governor, Tanko Al-Makura, stated in his speech that the PDP had caused untold hardship to Nigeria and must be shown the way out in the forthcoming 2015 general elections.
The governor, who is also the North Central coordinator of the APC, said the zone fully supported Buhari’s candidature.
“Plateau, Benue, Kwara, Niger, Kogi, FCT and Nasarawa the birth right of the APC presidential candidate have resolved to vote for APC and to ensure that change is made in the general elections,” Al-Makura said.
According to him, Buhari’s chances to win had risen by over 80 per cent compared to 2011, therefore, the APC would sweep the entire zone from the house of assembly to the presidential elections.
“I am not surprised because the track record of Buhari speaks for itself; a role model, a detrablised Nigerian, and anyone who means good for this country will surely vote for Buhari for the country to move forward,” Al-Makura said.
Finishing his statement, the governor stressed that the time had come for change.
“Vote for Change between rule of law and impunity, between civility and brigandage, change between excellence and brutal governance, the time for change is now and the leader of that change is General Muhammadu Buhari.”
Meanwile, the Democratic People’s Party has recently adopted General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) as its presidential candidate for the 2015 general elections, thus has improved his chances for the victory.
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