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Time is the governor of human affairs; I call it the machinery set up to govern
 human and the elusive world affairs. Anybody that fails to work by time wrought in sin.

 Do you even know that, not keeping to time is a sin, it’s like a debt owed to a creditor.
Time cannot be purchased, that is why we have to spend it wisely.
When looking at it from afar it looks like an Atlantic ocean but when give it a closer
gaze it just a drop of water or rather a mirage.

Time is precious, he who doesn't respect it take hunger as a senior brother. I search and
found not what to compare with it. Time is immune, nothing changes it except the day turn night and even if the eclipse occurs it still wait not for anybody.

No wonder the bible also acknowledges it value in the book of Ecclesiastes 3; there is time for everything under the sun. It goes further by saying "a time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to harvest what is planted. It even determines what to eat and when to eat.
In the story of the creation time was present with God; He created every living thing by making use of time. That mean God is time conscious.

 Africans developed a wrong mentality by saying African time, this has been the major reason why we have been left behind by the whites: they never stop discovering, always striving day and to leave their comfort zones through making useful use of their time
The age time we are today doesn't require any man to play prank with time.

Those who guide time jealously, have it manifest judiciously. Time is so important, that even the animals applied it to gather their food  together, so as to curb latter hunger.

Time establishes plan; when you make every millisecond your friend and use it in setting up your goals, you will definitely succeed. Imagine this, two young men were called up for a job interview, scheduled for 7:00 am. One of them arrived 6:30 am while the other stepped in at 7:30am. If yo were the boss, who would you have employed?. Time wait for no man, it is a respecter of no man, regardless of status, it can't be purchased except you start working on now, the now you working on saves the then, if a football body FIFA can have a 30 years plans at hand now, what made you think you, an individual can't . This time and age time works as a seer because it's able to foresee the future, the way and manner by which now time is being used would surely reflect in the then time.

Tick says the clock what you have to, do it quick, does that ring bell in your ear? Let the Boy Scout motto which says "be prepared" be yours too.
The sunrises in the morning and set at night at the appropriate time without conflict, you get the best of time when you make it a friend. When you have an idea, apply it fast because there are hundreds of people with the same idea. In doing this, do it like you are in a competition with thousands of people at your front. It is better to unleash what you have now, before another do it in a grand style, work to be in vogue and not in vague.
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