Today, mobile phones have become a vital part of human life especially in the developing and developed countries because of the great effects on the society, many phone genius have use phones to do great exploit. Africans acquire the most expensive phones unfortunately without having full knowledge of its uses. Here are some tips on what you can use your phone for.

1. Communication: this everybody knows about. And as a matter of fact that is the primary purpose of phone. All these are done either by phone call or text messages
2. Fashion: people of this age and time are mostly carried away by fancy things especially phone for it fanciness.
3. Networking: for a business to grow there's a big need for
5. Studying: you can online with your phone, higher teacher and earn your degree all from your phone 
6. Skill acquisition: there are lots and lots of skill acquisition programs on YouTube depending on your area of interest that means you can learn right from your phone
7. Amusement: we play games, listen to music and soul uplifting words, all these brings joy to our body and spirit. 
8. Cctv camera: there are apps that can connect your phone with the cctv camera in your office or home, this another form of security in which your phone is giving to you:
9. Surf the internet: sure this has been discussed earlier through our phone. 
10. Trade online. This is the one of the uses that generates income for phone user who trades, it opens you to new customers around the globe.
Mind you some phones are restricted to communication and little amusement only while others are versatile.

Later we going to be discussing the negative uses. 

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