1. Where are the parents of these missing
girls? we want to see them?
(Wole Soyinka)
2. Why has the government not published
pictures of these girls?
(Wole Soyinka)
3. You need a lot of vehicles to transport
230 girls,
4. How where they transported? If the girls
were made to walk in the bush track, how
come no villager saw them?
5. Thegirls were said to have been
transported in trucks (Hilux), assuming 10
girls per truck, that means we'll need
about 23 trucks for the girls and about 7
trucks for the insurgents.
6. Why were the principal's daughters and
female staffers not touched?
7. What was the principal’s reaction when
this was going on?
8. The principal has given two opposite/
different stories.
Initially she said was not in on the fateful
night, and had travelled out of chibok.
Later she said she was in the school that
9. The varying number of girls abducted
raises a lot of questions from 270, to 234,
to 200, to 170, etc
10. In a school where 120 students
registered for ssce (waec) exams, how
come 234 are writting physics.
11. We were told they were abducted
while writting physics exam.
We were told they were abducted at night.
Were they writting physics exam at night?
12. Some girls were said to have
escaped,and not a single child was shot,
we all know that has not been the practice
in the past. Where they freed or did they
13. Why were the escaped girls handed
over to the governor for weeks, and not to
thier parents?
14. Two of the supposed girls that
escaped, that the governor allowed to tell
thier stories, had two very different
incoherent stories stories.
15. The supposed escaped girl that told
her story does not understand nor speak
english, but speaks only local chibok
Was she writting waec in chibok
16. We were told that the state
government gave N1m each to the parents
of the girls,what was this money for?
17. Almost all the things suggested in the
media are the things B/haram is now
18. A news agency said that the girls have
been sold for N2000 each, and a few days
later, the Main man appears and threatens
to sell the girls; are we the ones
suggesting what he should do?
19. The girls shown in the latest video all
look very neat, well fed n relaxed. Where
did all d 230 hijabs they re wearin come
from?: Where they sewn in sambisa forest
20. How come the governor identified 97Image Hosted At MyspaceGens
girls as chibok girls student.
Does the governor know all the chibok
girls students?
... and many more intriguing questions?
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