How to Find a Job After College We've got five job search tips to get picked out of the resume crowd. My mother told me finding a job after college was simple for her. She applied for the first job she was interested in, went for a quick interview and she knew she had the job right there and then. In 2010 when the job market plunged, a post-graduate depression began and many settled for jobs that had nothing to do with their original degree or focus. Some believe there are games a person has to play in order to be picked out of the crowd. No longer do graduating classes come in waves every May. When a job surfaces on the internet, tens of thousands of people apply for the position. These crowds involve people who are still looking for an entry-level job from 2010. But, there are secrets involved with getting picked out of the crowd. Here are tips for standing out in your job search. Job Search Tips Start networking today: This might involve going to a public event within the industry or sending Emails to people who have your dream job. Find out how they did got there and follow the leader. Apply online during business hours: Some job agencies will say if you are constantly applying in the middle of the night, some companies disregard applicants during blackout hours. The best time to send a resume online is between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Find the right contact: Find out who the person is that might be handling the hiring process for the position you want and send them a very brief 2-3 sentence introduction about your interest with joining the team. For example, if you are applying for a fashion designer position, look for someone above that position like an assistant or the lead fashion designer for the business. Ask what they are looking for: In the e-mail, ask what distinct qualities the business is looking for besides what the online posting says. Do not call or try to reach them invasively. Caller ID was invented for a reason and gives people the opportunity to ignore if they don’t know who you are or what you want. Employers love Email because they can talk to you when they have the time. Write a short cover letter: Cover letters provide an opportunity to let your voice and character show up. Avoid letting your voice sound like what you have been raised to believe what cover letter is. Be unique and most importantly, keep the letter brief. The point of a cover letter is to provide qualified reasons as to why you are the person for this position, not to regurgitate your resume or write a novella. A natural human voice is always more attractive than a thousand robots all repeating the same qualifications. Good luck on your search and always remember, just be yourself! Whether you believe it or not, everyone is human, even the person interviewing you. They want to bring a person on their team who will mesh with their personalities. Acting like a robot won't get you far. Be natural and everything will fall into place! ——by @UC Browser

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