The issue of seks it's a hard nut to crack in today's marriage, we've many homes broken just because of the weakness of one of the two parties when it comes to the play of pleasure and making babies... Pls read through and enjoy...

To Last longer in bed is one very important aspect in a relationship or marriage most especially for the men. The ability of a man to go for more than two rounds during intercourse is one of the most attractive features of that man. It's so vital that women usually talks about how long their partner stays on them during s*x with close friends and confidants.

Though it's all about choice but I think It is no fun for your partner when it all ends too early. In fact, general belief is that s*x should last for 30minutes .

Men mostly are self-conscious about finishing too soon, as everything from those movies to porn magazines has led them to believe that women love and enjoy extended s*x sessions.

According to various researches from sex expertise and doctors, the average man lasts two minutes or less. However, if you are looking for cool styles and techniques to last longer in bed naturally, here are simple tips that may be helpful.
Mind you, good s*x also contributes to a happy home and smooth love life.


One of the most difficult parts about squeezing s*x into such a busy life is making the transition from your daily life to the erotic zone. In fact, the absolute manner to de-stress and turn both yourself and your partner on is through massage. It is necessary for you to learn how to offer satisfying, deep massage at home and take about 5-10 minutes for exchanging massage before starting the intercourse. This way, you will encourage yourself and your partner as well to breathe deeply and and relax well. A great back massage and foot massage or butt massage could prime your body for more comfort and pleasure. Fact is, each minute of massaging will be a perfect tool for people who want to know ways to last longer in bed.


I know you're like why?, it's simply because it would make you not to be able to share your feelings equally with your partner in sense that your brain as been wired to a particular styles done by the drugged porn stars and these might be also hurting to your partner, who probably loves it slow, fast. Remember she's not a slave, but a partner. So therefore S*x should be a symbiotic relationship and not a parasitic one.

When it comes to ways to last longer in bed for men and women, the golden rule is to take turns. A lot of couples have s*x in such a constant give-and-take pleasure mode. That means they touch their partner at the same time when they are touched, rushing towards the complete line together. Thus, from now, to last longer in bed, you had better take turns, then your s*x will be more satisfying and last longer. To put in simple words, taking turns means being the Giver and Receiver. When being a giver, your task is to relax and receive as much as pleasure as you could. When being a receiver, your task is to lavish the partner with pleasure. You should learn proper ways to use the hands to please your partner and take him/her on the journey of arousal.


With this technique, as a man, you will have your woman stimulate till you feel nearing orgasm, and then ask her to immediately stop. Once your sexual tension stops, even within just 15 seconds, then have her to continue. By this way, you will be able to last longer in bed.

Fact is, having s*x in such a comfortable place where you and your partner will not feel overexcited will help you last longer. Avoid anything which is too exciting such as public seks. If you feel relax in the bed, then you should stick to the bedroom till you can take control of your orgasms.

According to some sexologists, there are three areas of the penis where applying pressure or squeezing could help a guy sustain or maintain an erection. The first: make a tight ring with your index finger as well as thumb around the base of penis when it is erected, thereby stimulating a penile ring. This could help a guy keep the blood flow to the engorged dick.
The second: apply a proper pressure on the underside of your penis’s head. That is exactly a hot spot for most men, densely packed with nerves. The last: press on the “perineum,” or the spot between the base of testicles and the anus.


If you are a man, then let your woman climb on top. That way, your penis will be less stimulated. Also, ask her to go slowly because fast and long thrusting is really hazardous to the endurance of a man. You may also need to try entering your lover and not moving for a few minutes in order to acclimatize your own dick to the feeling of her wet, warm insides.

Remember when you were a teenager, and would make out for many hours on the couch? If you actually want to know ways to last longer in bed, then begin by spending more time on kissing. Let your lips and hands explore your partner’s body. Take turns kissing and being kissed.

The anxiety during intercourse is the top killer of sustaining an erection. The advice is to shift your thinking to a more confident level, instead of the worried one. When you start to feel stress, the strategy is to stop and take a deep breath before focusing on how things are within the body. Just eliminate negative thoughts and pay attention to your own body and your feelings because your feelings will produce you.

In reality, some specific se* positions could stimulate you faster and make you orgasm faster than others and some positions could help you last longer in bed. The missionary position is safe, yet some unconventional ones might help you experience great seks. However, you will never know what works till you really try.

In order to know how to last longer in bed, it is necessary for you to masturbate more often and get more in touch with your own sexual response. When you stimulate yourself, just simply stop yourself before you reach the point of no return. For example, on a scale of 1-10, with the orgasm being a 10, you stop yourself at an around an 8. Remember to give yourself time for calming down, then start to stimulate yourself back up the scale again. Do this many times till you can take control of your sexual release.

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