1. Be a good observer. Keep your eyes and ears open towhat is going on around you.
2. Let your mind play with ideas. Play with ideas by letting them bounce around in your mind in a nonsensical way.
3. Don't be critical during ideation. Be sure not to discard any ideas too soon.
4. Piggyback off others. Listen to the people around you and use their ideas to stimulate ideas of yours.
5. Be fluent. Remember that the more ideas you generate, the more probable it is that one of them will be a good idea.

6. Be open-minded. Don't allow narrow thinking to stop the development of your ideas.
7. Daydream. Set aside time during the day to exercise your imagination by daydreaming.
8. Know when to relax. When ideas are stale, get away from them by relaxing via tennis,biking, reading, etc.
9. Keep a notebook of ideas. Be sure to keep a small notebookhandy at all times in which to record ideas so that you don't forget them.
10. Manipulate old ideas. Come up with new ideas by taking old ideas and changing them. Change can occur when things are added, subtracted, magnified, minified, turned upside down, and pulled apart.
11. Take risks. Have the courage to take risks by adopting new ideas and following new courses of action.
  12. Be curious. Don't be afraid to follow our curiosity by investigating things that interest you

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