merry Christmas in advance 
With 2017 already rounding up and new year coming in, it’s high time to dive right into the hopeful feeling of making a few significant life changes. The age-old “get healthy” and “fix my finances” promised are worthy resolutions, but many people use this time of self-reflection to explore the job market, intent on finding a better position that pays more, offers them room for growth, and utilizes their skills and education.

Computer Skills

You can’t work the cash register at a major chain retailer these days without some level of comfort around its computer-based setup. But if you’re going into a career-oriented job hunt in the coming year, you might be surprised by the results of a new study by Novel Aspect

 Their report shows that employers are still seeking the same old Microsoft Office skillset – typically Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint–but that the highest paying jobs aren’t feeding out of Microsoft experience. It’s Amazon Web 
Services that’s bringing in the higher salaries.

“The most popular software applications featured in job listings serve a range of business needs. The top 20 list includes programs that focus on everything from accounting to document management as well as client services and design

The three most popular software skills are all part of the Microsoft Office Suite of products, which has consistently reigned supreme since the company began in 1989

“Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint rank the highest for desirable software skills since spreadsheets, email, and presentations drive just about all business environments. Companies mention the three products collectively in 35.4% of job listings. By comparison, Microsoft Office competitor iLife – produced by Apple – is only represented in 9.7% of Indeed job listings. Microsoft Access, an industry-leading database management system, was No. 5; overall, the company secured 4 of the 10 most sought after software spots.”

So why are employers still listing Microsoft experience if the real money is in your ability with other platforms? It could be a simple matter of failing to update their expectations. After all, a couple decades ago knowing how to put together a really vibrant, dynamic PowerPoint could make you the company’s go-to guy. 

Now, first graders are using PowerPoint to create their Thanksgiving recitals. Of course, as unlikely as it may seem in the current job market, there are still candidates who aren’t familiar with those old standbys, so employers may still feel the need to be specific.

If you’re in the market for a new job, take a look at Novel Aspect’s comprehensive list of skillsets and their correlating pay expectations. Then brush up on at least the lingo while you begin your search, and make a few “For Dummies” books part of your holiday wish list for today’s current hot-ticket skills.

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Robert and Grace Mugabe

Zimbabwe has declared every 21st of February, which is the birthday of former president Robert Mugabe, 93, a public holiday, a state daily reported Monday. 
"It is hereby declared that February 21 of every year henceforth shall be a public holiday to be known as the Robert Mugabe National Youth Day," The Herald newspaper reported, citing a government gazette.
The statement also added that the decision was officially made last Friday.
The announcement comes nearly a week after the Mugabe stepped down as President, after ruling for 37 years.
According to the report, the move follows intense lobbying by the ruling ZANU-PF party's youth league and came weeks after the country's biggest airport was renamed after the veteran politician.
The 93-year-old suffered repeated claims of hanging on to power through brutal repression of dissent, election rigging and corruption, until concerted pressure from the military finally forced to quit.
He was replaced by Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was vice president until Mugabe fired him weeks ago. 
The declaration of his birthday as a holiday is the latest of many accolades, after it was reported that Robert and his wife Grace Mugabe will get a 'Golden goodbye’ payoff of at least $10 million, including legal immunity for himself, his family and a salary paid for life.
Zimbabwe’s school of intelligence has been named after him while a $1-billion Robert Mugabe university is being built, including several buildings and roads across the country also named after him.
DJ Cuppy 2016 Look

Billionaire daughter, DJ Cuppy reply's  people who thinks she is big because of her wealthy backgrounded says they are closed minded. The former girlfriend of Nigerian International Footballer Victor Anichebe, who also appear in recent news to be dating Mr Eazi, talks hard on peoples opinion about her.
DJ cuppy, and Billionaire Parents

The Nigerian International female Disk Jockey talking to Hip TV, says she is not where she is presently because of her family status. She said being a DJ was her decision and she made sure she was successful at it. 

"I work so hard on my skill" she said while addressing the music TV in an exclusive interview, Her career height isn't about wealth or riches but all about hardwork.
Donald Trump, US president AFP

President of the United State Donald J, Trump's Account was deactivated by a contract staff of twitter on Thursday, 2, November 2017, for about 11minutes the president couldn't access his account. this act really has really raised a lot of concern  about how much access does twitter workforce has over users accounts.

Despite the fact that the social media company has control to prevent it's workers from making tweets from users accounts, this occurrence suggests that twitter employees has some access to accounts and can make certain changes without any form of permission.
Yvette Connor, chief risk officer at Focal Point Data Risk, which consults with boards and executives on technology security said:
“At a high level, this implies a level of complacency, that organizations generally are perhaps trying to convince themselves they have technology risk managed”.
“In Twitter’s case, the reputational risk that they face is that the information that’s under their care, custody and control is not really under their care, custody and control.”
Twitter tweeted:
“We have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day,”
After citing inadvertent “human error” in an earlier post.
Nonetheless Twitter has taken the blame and has ensured the public that such occurence wont repeat itself 
"With an accurate system constantly keeping track of activity and controls, “Twitter would have known in 30 seconds -- in 15 seconds -- that the account of the president had been turned off,” Connor said.
When Trump’s account went down, attempts to call up his personal page, @realDonaldTrump, turned up a message saying, 
"Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!", 
prompting many Twitter users to send out screenshots. The official twitter account for the U.S. president, @POTUS, wasn’t affected though.
“My Twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee,” Trump tweeted early Friday. “I guess the word must finally be getting out -- and having an impact.”
The incident caused a tweetstorm online.
While in the tensed mood, Many of the President Supporters hailed the staff, and used that opportunity to highlight some security ish facing America presently
A Democratic from California, U.S. Representative Ted Lieu,, tweeted an offer to buy the employee a Pizza Hut pizza for making “America feel better for 11 minutes.”
Check out Erykah Badu
Command pose from the soul singer Erykah Badu

Songstress, singer Erykah Badu, host at the Soul Train awards 2017, stepped out stylishly on the red carpet in this white ensemble. The event which took place yesterday, Nov. 5 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, United State. She took several photos with singer, Kehlani. 

see More photos below after the cut:
Check out Erykah Badu
Kelhani and Erykah Badu

Check out Erykah Badu
Check out Erykah Badu's outfit to the Soul Train Music Awards 2017

Check out Erykah Badu
So funny, Kelhani drenched in laugher 

Check out Erykah Badu
who else rock it better than Erykah Badu, the host of the show.
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Governor Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai

The Kaduna State Universal Education Board has released the names of 11,220 teachers that passed the competency test conducted for primary school teachers across the state, out of the 33,000 who wrote the exam.

Nasir Umar, the Executive Chairman of the State Universal Basic education Board, Made it known that the names released are the names of people who passed the test and the only one eligible for teaching jobs in primary schools.

Following this results the state government have decide to lay off the 25,000 who failed this test as opposed to the Nigerian Union of teachers plan and it seems the battle line have been drawn between the two sectors.

in bid to promote quality learning for the primary school pupil the government have drawn out this measures to rate the teachers. 

However, the kaduna state government have thrown open vacancy for fresh applicants, to replace the 25,000 (i.e 75% who failed the copetency test). Umar said, doors are open wide for any of the teachers who feel cheated to come for a remark of their scripts.

He further said this movement has no political tone or support with it, it's just a way to prune the kaduna state educational sector to be able to meet up to the standard of other states such as Lagos and the rest, and all these are part of the El-rufai Administration goals.
After dropping Turn Around earlier this year, #NotForSale will leave you paying a great deal of attention to this young talent. Produced by Dgebeats and Deemeecol
“Not For Sale” is an afrobeat sound with humorous, flattering, yet meaningful lyrical content, that poses question to men’s perception of women.
This song was inspired by the direct opposite of how materialistic new age young women are being portrayed. this wonerful video was shot by OBMedia

National flag of angola

Angolan government have sacked 2,884 Congolese illegal migrant, Reports from a state media.

State news organization Angop said the unlawful migrants were gathered together in Lunda Norte Province between September and October.

Lunda Norte Province is found 656km north of the capital Luanda, and offers fringes with both DRC and Congo-Brazzaville.

"Amid the Authorities operation, 10,128 other DRC nationals deliberately left the Diamond investigation ranges," Angop cited Lunda Norte police manager Rodrigues Zeca saying.

"The police likewise appropriated from the migrants 80 dredges and 78 pieces of diamonds," Mr Zeca was additionally cited.

Unlawful transients were frequently pulled in to Angola for precious stone investigation and business openings.

Angola has broad deposit of diamonds, primarily in the Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul areas in the upper east.

The two regions fringe both the DR Congo and Congo-Brazzaville.

The contention in DR Congo has constrained a large number of nationals to escape to Angola and other neighboring countries.

Sometimes ago, Angolan experts ousted 432 unlawful outside nationals from Cabinda Province.

Most of the deportees were from the DR Congo, with a couple of others from the Republic of Congo.
Mayorkun out with this hot single titled “Che Che” to close the 2017 music calendar,  Ahead of his “Mayor Of Lagos” concert slated to hold at Hard Rock Cafe, Lagos on the 14th of December,  2017.

The HKN artiste single was produced by Kiddominant, which arrives after the mammoth-sized success of his last single “Mama“, which is making wave accross Africa and the world.

“Che Che's" is directed by the raved and one of Naija best video directors Capital 1 , Clarence Peters.
Listen and Download “Mayorkun – Che Che” below:-

Download ⬇

watch Che Che's Video

Alvaro Morata and Romelu Lukaku are sure to be under pressure to lead thier clubs once more into the Premier League title race when the fizzling strikers conflict in Chelsea's standoff with Manchester United on Sunday.

Chelsea forward Morata and United front man Lukaku were the toast of their clubs subsequent to praising closed season exchanges with a flood of goals.

with Chelsea and United trying to keep pace with table leader Manchester City, Morata and Lukaku have lost their midas touch at the wrong minute, putting them under the magnifying lens at Stamford Bridge this end of the week.

Man United Boss Jose Mourinho lavished out £75 million ($98 million) to sign Lukaku from Everton subsequent to inducing the Belgium international to avoid  Blues manager Antonio Conte.

Lukaku was set for a quick begin, netting 11 times in his initial 10 matches played.

but, the 24-year-old ends up amidst an unyielding spell extending back six matches to the finish of September.

Man U fans have become baffled by Lukaku's absence of commitments outside the penalty area, provoking Mourinho to rebuke Old Trafford fans for neglecting to give the striker enough support in a weekend ago's prevail upon Tottenham.

Lukaku reacted to the skeptics by conceding he is as yet a work in advance.

“You can’t judge me as the finished article. I’d rather have a career where year after year I improve rather than going to the top and decline,” he said.

"I know I have a great deal of ability, however I need to have more helps, I need to ensure that when my team is in troubles they can depend on me."

Chelsea Antone Conte However went for Morata after loosing the Morata bid to Mourinho

Morata hit the ground running with seven goals in his first seven EPL Matches following his club record £58 million ($75 million) move from Real Madrid.

But, as Lukaku, the 25-year-old Spaniard hasn,t been able to score in his last six games, procuring feedback for some torpid showcases.

 Morata additionally needed to assert he had been misquoted after a meeting in which he seemed to imply he wouldn't remain with Chelsea for long in light of the fact that he despises London's frenzied way of life.

– High stakes –

In the conditions, Morata and Lukaku could do with quieting the pundits by delivering an invaluable champ at the Bridge.

The two players conveyed robust sticker prices in light of the conviction they were prepared to convey when the stakes are most noteworthy.

That will be the situation in west London this end of the week as champions Chelsea attempt to paw their way once again into the title race.

Conte's side collided with a 3-0 vanquish at Roma in the Champions League on Tuesday, eradicating the force from progressive class prevails upon Watford and Bournemouth.

Joined are five points behind City in the wake of winning just a single of their last three games, in spite of the fact that they made it three straight wins in all matches by beating Benfica in midweek.

Mourinho will seek after better fortunes on his most recent come back to Chelsea — the club where he won three English titles and was sacked twice — after United lost both their visits last season.

Manhandled by Chelsea fans amid United's 4-0 and 1-0 massacres, Mourinho demands he doesn't join uncommon criticalness to the installation.

"It isn't a major thing. It's typical, it's football. One day you are in one club, the following day you're in another club," he said.

Conte, who will give N'Golo Kante a late fitness test on his hamstring injury, concedes Chelsea never again have any edge for mistake on the off chance that they are to redesign United and City.

"Presently there is a major issue for every one of the teams that need to battle for the title and this enormous issue is Manchester City," Conte said.

"On the off chance that they proceed along these lines it will be extremely hard to battle for the title."