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Black bride drags her oyinbo husband to be who tries to run away, she told him to come and marry her in interesting pre-wedding photoshoot.

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YBNL boss Olamide reacts to indecency going on in the Music industry when it comes to artiste and management, he classified their modules as slavery.

Following his words he is not pleased with the way some record labels are going about their businesses and how they handle their new artistes.
These flare up came after he added new artistes to YBNL.
As Emmanuel Macron continues struggling to reshuffle his government after the resignations of two high-profile ministers, one of whom complained on TV, that his presidency lacked humility, his wife has also called him arrogant.

He suffered further damage to his reputation with reports, on Sunday, that his wife, Brigitte, is also fed up with his high-handed manner.

Brigitte has now urged the president’s entourage to speak truth to power, complaining that she is one of a very few people who dares tell him when he is being overbearing, according to Le Parisien newspaper.

He is “too arrogant, too snappy,” she has reportedly told members of her inner circle. Her remarks appear in an unauthorised biography of Michèle ‘Mimi” Marchand, a public relations advisor to the Macrons.  - 
General Overseer of Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has explained his role in PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar’s visit to former President Olusegun Obasanjo in Abeokuta.

The bishop had earlier been criticised by some Nigerians for his presence at the reconciliation meeting. However on Sunday. Oyedepo, said he is an apolitical and peace-seeking leader.

“I have never belonged to any political party and will never belong to one. Wherever parties you are in, that is where I am in.

There is no party without winners in it, if you get to any party and you don’t see any winner in it, you better check out of there, even the one that have not being formed winners are there.

Our goal is to secure the glorious destiny of our nation by paying whatever price it require. I have never taken any dime from any political candidate in my life, I am a mediator.

The price of peace is far cheaper than the cost of war so what we are saying is let us talk this over don’t let us exchange blows. Let us be mature and be sincere, let’s give chance to reason and let the wicked turn from their wicked ways.

We have to do it by appealing to people’s reasoning. Does anybody here want to see war? The 30 months war we fought, the effect keeps lingering, you won’t see war again in the name of Jesus.”   
Popular nollywood actor Ik ogboona's wife Sonia has spark breakup rumour as her fans are wondering what could be wrong as the husband name is missing in her name.

Sonia who has being absent on ig lately uploaded an adorable photo of her and her child and fans noticed the name on the IG is has changed.

We are still waiting to hear from the couple. See photos below
Sonia with her baby in Italy 

Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos West, have warned the party’s flag bearer for the 2019 governorship election, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu against overrating self, if he eventually wins.

Admonishing Sanwo-Olu during a thank you visit to the senatorial district in Lagos yesterday, the leaders, among whom were: Dr. Yomi Finnih; Chief Rabiu Oluwa, South West APC Women Leader, Mrs. Kemi Nelson; immediate past State Chairman, Otunba Henry Ajomali; Senator Ganiyu Solomon, among others, said it is important for Sanwo-Olu to place interest of the state, people and the party above personal purpose.

Finnih urged him not to deviate from the Developmental Master Plan already laid down for Lagos.

The leaders also advised him to address poverty by connecting his government to the people at the grassroots.

Nelson told Sanwo-Olu to appoint women into key positions, if he wins in 2019, saying: “women’s votes have always been crucial to whoever wins Lagos governorship elections, right from 1999.”

Sanwo-Olu promised to run an all- inclusive administration if elected. He also assured them that he would mend fences with all aggrieved members.